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Waste Heat Conversion at Glance

Internal Combustion (IC) engines typically convert one third of the fuel potential into useful power. The remaining fuel potential is lost as low- and high-grade waste thermal energy. At least 1/3 of this normally wasted thermal energy

is represented by high-grade (high-temperature) exhaust gases.


Waste heat recovery technologies aim at recovering part of the high-grade wasted heat and convert it to useful power, resulting in lower fuel consumption

and pollutant emissions.

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Waste heat recovery technologies can be retrofitted to all applications resulting in high-temperature rejection to the environment. Non-invasive retrofits include components coupled to the exhaust gas tubing normally utilized by IC engines (i.e. marine, automotive, stationary generators), waste thermal energy is a typical by-product of power production systems including electric production, and industrial applications requiring process heat; ThermAdynamics Rail waste heat recovery technologies are currently focused on optimizing retrofitting systems for large IC engines equipping Locomotives.


In the transportation industry, high-tech engine developments typically arrive last to the railroad industry. Railroad locomotive fleets are generally represented by a large number of relatively old, polluting, and generally inefficient locomotives.


ThermAdynamics Rail In-house capabilities, enables to perform all stages of the product development from the design stage to product prototyping.

Specialty design of all components forming a thermodynamic cycle, including unconventional  turbomachinery,electric machines, compact condensers and high temperature heat exchangers.

Thermadynamics Rail analysis tools include state of the art CFDs, computer modelling, electromagnetic and rotor dynamic analysis. Such tools identify technical risks early in the development cycle and eliminate expensive, time-consuming late cycle design iterations

Thermadynamics Rail in-house capabilities include classic power tools, plasma cutters, precision measuring devices, cutting-edge 5-axis CNC mills and lathes. Our manufacturing facility enables us to go from the component design stage to product ready in a matter of hours.

Thermadynamics Rail has developed extensive in-house testing capabilities to replicate exhaust gas behavior at all operating conditions.







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